The market place for products and services in the Maritime industry

All about Ship is a smart maritime business directory and market place for products and services. All about ship includes several sections with multiple categories of businesses. Also, individuals are welcome to register, seek jobs and other services as well as products applied to their requirements.

Business Providers section.

This section illustrates thoroughly various ship managers, ship agents, ship chandlers, logistics/forwarders, brokers, divers, fuel bunkers, engine/deck/bridge suppliers, electrical/electronic suppliers, engine spare parts, reconditioned spares, repairs, crew manning, travel agency, surveys/consultancy, maritime education and training, legal matters, safety and fire fighting equipment.

Specifically, Business Providers are welcome to promote their products and services at competitive prices. They can set all the details needed to advert/ promote their services and products. Software features can be used to help towards this direction.

Your business impact can be shown through live chat, business availability, prices, budgets, sales tags, description lists, featured listings, maps, location, contact details, videos, social media. Also, products and services in front of the maritime business audience are presented. It’s time to widely acknowledge good quality services and products, such as spares, supplies and port facilities in good prices. It is time to put your business in a standard and/or featured frame and let people know about your enterprise and its objectives.

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Seekers section.

Besides, individuals and company seekers may upload their requirements to seek products and services. 

Companies and individuals can upload their requirements to search products and services according to their needs. Furthermore, Seekers can create new categories by themselves, satisfying their needs. The registered users can specify their needs in detail, by using a range of photos and videos among other features to clarify what they are looking for.

The procedure to upload their requirement listings is quite simple, since the user follows and completes pre-ready fields to announce the product/ service, which is looking for. Seek listings are searched by the users and guests of the maritime All about Ship platform, using advanced filters focused on specific terms, such as price, budget, delivery place and date included in the seeker’s requirement list.

Generally, all Businesses and individuals could provide and seek products and services in All about Ship.

Special offers of products and services are welcome. Several types of pricing plans exist for users to select the plan that suits to their requirements, in order to advertise and promote their services and products. Also, promotion custom plans are available upon request.

It is the right time now to advertise your business products/services through amazing software features. You can get notified about services and products that match your requirements. You can do that now in competitive prices and try sophisticated tools to navigate the maritime market.

We suggest you EXPLORE, ENJOY and TRUST the All about Ship.