Mitsubishi SJ Purifiers

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is one of the oldest manufacturers of purifiers and separators which are used for various industrial applications.

Mitsubishi SJ Purifiers or Mitsubishi Selfjector Hercules (SJ-H) Series are widely used in chemical, marine, and pharmaceutical industries for purifying fuel oil and lubricating fluid.

Mitsubishi’s SJ Separators have a throughput capacity from 1,150 to 14,600 liter per hour, with such varying throughput capacity. SJ purifiers are capable of performing low scale to large scale operations.


  • Clarification of marine & generator engine fuel oil
  • Purification of lubricating oils
  • Clarification of waste engine oils
  • Removal of fine solid particles from water-soluble coolants
  • Removal of liquid waste from oil
  • Removal of grease and dregs
  • Fluid separation
  • Classification of pigments, bentonite and resin slurry


  • SJ – Mitsubishi has a Multi-display monitor panel integrated with detection and display functions.
  • Compact design requires less installation space
  • Graphic display automatic control panel.
  • High-reliability G-HIDENS*1 system is available
  • Extensive product lineup with 9 models.
  • High-performance solids discharge mechanism.
  • MK-JET Cleaner enables closed-circulation cleaning.

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