Your Questions answered

How to open an account

You can open an account/register by clicking the Sign in button (right on the top of the screen). You select registration (sign up) giving username, email and setting your password. Alternatively, you can register through the Add Listing procedure giving your email at the end prior of submitting your listing.

How to add listing

Just click the Add Listing button on the right top of your screen. If you already have an account select Account-Dashboard from the header menu using your credentials, then you add your Listing

Can I promote a product/service through the platform?

Yes, you can advert/promote any product/service regarding maritime industry. You can use the software features of the platform to indicate price, location, characteristcs and many more. You can also promote your business profile selecting the suitable pricing plan.

Can I use features to describe my selling offer?

Yes, you can use a series of features such as description of the product/service, budget, price, tags, map, location, photos, videos to fully promote/advert your products/services. Also you can get your adverts linked with your social media for further promotion.

Can I use a pricing plan for promoting my Business profile?

Yes, you can select the suitable pricing plan to do so.

Is it possible to seek a specific maritime product/service?

Yes, you can upload a full requisition form in order to be seen by the users, providers and guests of the platform.

Can I connect my business listings (business profile, selling products and services) to the social media via the platform?

Yes, you can use your social media details in order to link your platform business listings with your social media.

What is the dashboard in the Account header menu?

It is the place you can update, edit, delete your stuff, ie. your listings and their contents.